Flykit helps drone pilots in managing everything about their drone operations from a single place

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Powerful Google Drive Integration

Manage your project assets with ease and simplify your workflow by having all your team’s plans, records and documents in the place you know and trust, your Google Drive.

Daily Weather Forecasts In Your Inbox

Receive high-quality weather forecasts for your upcoming operations daily on email so that there are no surprises on the day of the flight.

Extensive Checklists

Maintain customizable checklists for all parts of your operation and attach them to projects so that you never miss an important item again.

Familiar Data Formats

Easily import your existing flight area in KML or export it for uploading it to your mission planner app.

Accessible Everywhere

Flykit works well on Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles. Access all the features whether you are sitting in your office or out there in the field.

Use With Any Drone Model

Flykit is not a waypoint-planner. It does not connect to your drone.

You can use Flykit irrespective of the model of the drone you fly!

Ready For Delivery-Focused Pilots

Remove the hassle of managing your project details spread all over the place and focus on delivering results.