Flykit lets pilot teams plan operations collaboratively without missing

any details

Single Standard For Safety

Flykit allows you to set safety thresholds so that your complete team is on one page when it comes to deciding acceptable flying conditions.

High-quality Weather Forecasts

Receive weather forecasts for your upcoming operations daily on email so that your team is never surprised on the day of the flight.

One Place For All Docs

Simplify your team’s workflow by having all your team’s plans, records and documents in one place.

Team Checklists

Maintain common customizable checklists for whole team and never have a team member miss an important item.

Ready-to-print Reports

Generate printable reports for record-keeping or for having hard-copy to show to officials on-site.


Everyone on your team can use Flykit irrespective of the model of the drone they fly.


Free For Personal Use

For Organizations

Free Up To 3 Members

5$ / user / month for each additional member

With Every Account

Unlimited Projects

Daily Forecast Emails

Customizable Checklists